Esports have been loved immensely among youngsters all over the world. They just want to make their career in esports just like the big names in the game. But what the issue in this fast-moving generation is that it just has a bad effect on the mental health as they have to play for long hours continuously. This has a bad effect on physical health as we all know but apart from that in esports, the kids are so focused on getting to the top that they put themselves into an immense level of anxiety and stress which as we said turns into bad events as suicides…

So, this is a challenge for the esports community. The companies now started to appoint an Esports mental coach for the teams who train them for the tournaments so they can game with full potential. Esports titles have little physical demands on the body when playing competitively. They do however demand an enormous amount of mental effort in order to win and improve. 

As good as you are, could you compete against the greatest players in the world? If you think you can, then great – but you still have a lot to learn. It doesn’t matter how good you are naturally, a coach will help you to identify your mistakes, learning from them to become the best athlete you can be. Why scrape by, when you can blow the competition away?

Don’t lose hope – even if you’re not at a competing level yet. An eSports coach will give you the tools you need to learn and grow.

You might initially be put off of hiring a coach. In reality, you want to be an athlete – not just a gamer. Every athlete in the world has a professional coach to guide them across the playing field, whether it’s electronic or not.

New research into the minds of eSports athletes has revealed that they encounter a wide range of

Esports mental training sessions before competing in professional tournaments. This puts performance in the cyber domain on par with the mental pressures experienced by pro soccer and rugby players. Adding to the new but fast-growing body of eSports science, this study adds another level of equivalency between eSports and traditional sports. 

Yet despite mounting evidence about the cognitive, behavioral, and neurochemical impact of gaming, the concept of game addiction (online or not) is difficult to define. Some researchers say that it is a distinct psychiatric disorder, while others believe it may be part of another psychiatric disorder.

Still, experts agree gaming has addictive qualities. The human brain is wired to crave instant gratification, fast pace, and unpredictability. All three are satisfied in video games.

“Playing video games floods the pleasure center of the brain with dopamine,”

Got A Gaming Addiction?

The following warning signs may indicate a problem:

  1. Spending excessive amounts of time on the computer.
  2. Becoming defensive when confronted about gaming.
  3. Losing track of time.
  4. Preferring to spend more time with the computer than with friends or family.
  5. Losing interest in previously important activities or hobbies.
  6. Becoming socially isolated, moody, or irritable.
  7. Establishing a new life with online friends.
  8. Neglecting school work and struggling to achieve acceptable grades.
  9. Spending money on unexplained activities.
  10. Attempting to hide gaming activities.

It is important to mention that esports competitors do not always fit the stereotype of a lazy, unfit person. In fact, a study showed that 79 percent of the esports participants performed regular physical activity. Whilst this number is certainly high and might not be the same in other contexts, it shows that esports competitors are not necessarily lazy, but do engage in physical activity. Those who engage in physical activity can benefit from a physical and mental health point of view. 

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Physical health 

Whilst regular physical activity may or may not have direct positive effects on esports performance, the overall benefits for your physical health are clear. Physical activity carries many benefits for our health, with evidence showing the value of being active in preventing chronic diseases, such as diabetes, cancer, obesity, and premature death

  • This alone should be sufficient to promote physical activity regimes for esports competitors, as being healthy will play a crucial role in their career longevity.

Furthermore, being active can help reduce the injury risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle, which might affect the career of a professional player. For example, it can help prevent lower back pain, reducing chronic musculoskeletal pain

 and chronic neck and shoulder pain

  • Being active can combat the effects of an inactive and sedentary lifestyle. 

However, there are other reasons to be physically active, as the indirect influence on mental health and cognitive performance, which is something that every esports competitor should value.

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Physical activity can enhance cognitive functions and facilitate cognitive training, possibly providing advantages for esports performance. Athletes who engage in a physical activity regime might experience enhanced motor learning, cognitive inhibition, attention, and concentration

. Additionally, it may facilitate the learning and processing of new information. Furthermore, physical activity can prevent the risk of cognitive decline, possibly lengthening the professional career of esports players who rely on cognitive skills to perform. 


Mental health 

Although most research focuses on the physical benefits of being active, such as the prevention of the diseases mentioned above, physical activity has been shown to positively affect mental health, cognitive functioning, and well-being. Physical activity is beneficial for several reasons: It can reduce stress and with esports mental health issues are seen very less ..

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Negative moods
  • Physical activity also enhances self-esteem and cognitive functioning


The relevance of mental health is clear, and esports organizations are taking care of their athletes by including psychologists in their personnel. 

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Although we all are somewhat aware that music has a direct effect on our in the case of games to music plays a very vital role. When the player is playing a combat game the background music is somewhat of a brave kind. Over time it is seen that the players develop a very good overall balance within themselves that they can work well under a lot of stress too ..It gives a soothing effect to their mind…

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