In This Video I talked about the Esports Market. Esports Is gaming is done with other players but this is for winning a prize pool just like in the traditional gaming scenerio . The term eSports has actually been around for quite some time, back when Japan used to hold major tournaments for Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo in the early 90’s. Those days, many tournaments were held in very small venues which only had about 100 entrants or sometimes less depending on the situation. More recently however the eSports community has evolved and has now become a global phenomenon, with an enormous fan base which reaches well in millions now. This is surely unprecedented for such a grassroots community, but we can definitely thank a lot of developers for investing a lot of their time into their product to ensure that events run smoothly. eSports is synonymous with highly competitive gaming, and branches off into various genre ranging from the very popular team based shooters such as CSGO & League Of Legends.

Gaming In India

The online gaming industry in India is on the cusp of a major shift, evolving from casual mobile games to competitive esports and professional video gaming. With competitions and tournaments across games and titles, the esports market is a vibrant mix of new and old gamers as well as professionals and amateurs alike .Most of the players right now in India Play on Mobiles . That’s why pubg was so popular before the Govt Put a Ban On It . All said Future of Esports in India looks very much bright.

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